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The Black Lily About Us

It’s funny, the time, how it moves on. More than a decade now since 2006 to be more specific but It seems like yesterday when we first started small office, a group of 4 talented young programmers and UI designers.

Today our small company proven that it was built on a very strong foundation. We are still moving forward in our business, with a very big changes to the service level, the type of the services and the quality of it.

On this nice blue planet our team is located. Yes we do have a management office and it’s located in Doha, because over there we have our heavyweight champion, the financial manager Mr. Emad, also we do have a second office in Kuala Lumpur we located our cartoonish guy the project manager and business developer Mr. Yasser. Other than that our team is located all over this lovely blue planet we are living on.

We know we are not the best in everything, this is why we decided to go with the approaches of, partnering with the best people, and be specialized in what we can be the best in.

Today our team is specialized in providing top nodge consultation in the IT Field more toward Software than Hardware although we did work with Hardware teams and results was more that what they expected

We like to think of our clients, as our partners and our marketing team. We try our best to provide our consultations and services in the same way that we like to receive the service from our providers.

Don’t take it for granted. Check our satisfied customers (partners) testimonials below and on our social media pages, after that take our free consultation session and decide for yourself.