Why to use Asana?

Feb 20, 2019
Why to use Asana?

In 2006 The Black Lily started the first day of work as a web development company, I'm not sure if we can call it company, as we were 4 members at that time. When the team grows and we split the management from the team with different offices we needed a reporting system. I suggested (that was 2007 or 2008) sending a daily email summarizing work. The idea itself was fine but following up on it was hectic! Old tasks, requirements or comments got lost or forgotten. And I couldn't dedicate enough time for reading through it all so I had to do real overtime just for that!! Not too cool right?! If only I got a tool like Asana at that time. It took me almost 7 more years before I create my first Asana account and I never closed it again.

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what is so great about Asana

The longer I use this tool the more I like it, but leaving likes and dislikes aside. what is the things that got me there:


When you do projects, operational work or even create your daily to-do list, your search for a tool that you can access form office, home, car, train or even when you are doing your 30 minutes evening jogging.
Asana is available on it all, your mobile app for Android and iOS alongside with the main online web version.


Personal task list, a small startup with 2 or 3 friends trying to create something wonderful, or even a major company like Airbnb, they have the right package for you. Starting from free for lifetime, up to $10 for Premium, $20 for Business and more for more features and Enterprise account.

Look and Feel:

Asana looks awesome (this is my personal point of view). It is easy to use, any person with basic internet knowledge can figure it out in no time. the colors are so user-friendly.

The Structure

Unless you want to, your tasks will be easy to be found. the structure of Asana is organized in a way that is so clear. all your tasks can be grouped under projects, and your projects under teams or workspaces (depends on your subscription package)

Sorting grouping and prioritization

Sorting grouping and prioritization If the structure didn't do the full organizing thing for you and your team! you can use the other methods by sorting tasks based on date, projects or likes, also you can use the default time groups (today, upcoming and later) or even move tasks up and down in the to-do list that you have by simply dragging and dropping.

And collaboration

it is a collaboration tool after all right! using the comments, likes, assigning and attaching files all add up to make it your best tool for working with your team. Asana makes it as much as possible the same if you are co-located with your team or not.

More Clarity, productivity, efficiency, accountability and more

when numbers come to the table most probably other things stay on the quiet side. According to Asana official website, and their latest announced statistics:

  • Increase clarity between team members. 85% of Asana customers say it helps their team know who is doing what by when.
  • Being productive is a critical part of work. 74% of Asana customers say it helps their team meet deadlines.
  • Getting more work to be done not more emails and reports are a good thing, right? 65% of Asana customers say it has reduced the amount of email and status meeting with their team.
  • You should be accountable for your tasks. 80% of Asana customers say it increases accountability on their team.

Ways to use Asana

The shortest explanation, Asana is a tool to work with people on projects to get things done on time with the best easiest cleanest way possible.
Nice right?
For that, you'll be able to use it for:

1. Project Management:

Using Asana you can do traditional project management using task lists, Agile method for managing your software projects using the boards for scrum or Kanban, or even using PRINCE2 methods.

2. Team Management

Your team is your key to success, making sure they know what, when, why and how is a really very important factor of your work success. You can use Asana for your workflow management in this sense such as work calendar, road maps or team member onboarding steps.

3. Manage the work process

Other than planning the projects and communicating with the team, Asana will help you and the rest of your team to keep the day productive. Using Asana templates or creating your own templates, use it as one of the best to-do lists, and use lists, boards, and calendars to view your work and team tasks.

What do you think, is Asana a tool you may give a try? You may ask The Black Lily team for help onboarding your team to it. Contact Us and let us know what is your team needs