Why domain names are so important?

Dec 5, 2018
Why domain names are so important

To put it in the simplest words, a domain name is the closest to your business address, where the client goes to find your product, your services and your support.
One of the most important things for your online business is choosing the right domain name as this will be one of the major parts of your brand, so to make sure you took the right decision this is couple of hints that will make some deference:

Business Credibility

Let's say that you are planning to buy a new laptop something expensive, a Mac for example, you got this nice offer with 25% discounted price on 2 website, first website was macspecialist.somefreeprovider.com and the other one was www.oncornermac store.com which one you feel more comfortable with!
Both can be real sellers with real stores but online people tend to go with a real website for your business it feels like you are taking it more seriously, and if you are not willing to pay that small amount of money to get your website online (domain feez) how would you spend to get your client serviced.
For any moderate internet user Real Domain name is more ganion business

Gett more information about What is domain name?

Help in Mobility

By saying mobility we mean that you can move things in an easy way not using Mobile Phones, with this out of the way, let’s say that you that you are just starting your business, you opened Google and you searched for a nice free or cheap website online builders, you got this nice offer with 90% discount due to some event and you registered with them. YaaaaY we got a website up and running in 20 minutes. Now what? Now your domain looks like yourbusiness.somewebbuilder.com. Couple of month passed and you need to update but your builder have some limitations! It’s a reputation and branding disaster, you need to go and search for the right domain with the same name or almost the same name www.yourbusiness.com inform and convince all your visitors that this is your new thing and they can find you here not over there!!
to put it in short way, by having a real domain name moving to different servers will not affect your online reputation

It Represent Your Identity

Well in a way you can think of this domain as your URL, that’s not it ! it’s way more, actually it should represent some of your goals, vision or even passion.
You can go an buy yourhostingserver.net it’s good and it will work, but that will not reflect anything about you. On the other hand if you go for alwaysuphosting.com/net and you build your reputation that you have 100% uptime of your servers, then it’s really a good domain name for your business.

Sets User Expectation

Let’s say that you are searching for free illustrations and you got this domain name in results www.freeillustrationsdownload.com, you can by just looking at the name figur out what you’ll get when you will click this link. On the other hand if when you see a link with the name www.jothemo.com most probably your first thought about it is “why is this showing in my search for illustrations?”.
in short try to be related to your field, this will help in getting the internet surfers going in without a lot of hesitation

Organic Search Help

What if your domain name have the main keyword your business?
SEO is one of the points that all website owners is trying very hard (or they should be) to score as good as they can in it, but is your domain name part of it?
The answer is not really that much at least recently for google. And to be fair about it, there is couple of things can but don’t consider it the main goal (unless it is part of your company name) putting it in the easiest way:

  • Try to keep 1 keyword only in the domain and don’t make it look like a spam (freecheepdealsoffer.com) this is not what i’d go and click on domain !
  • Keep the keyword in the first word of the domain if your domain name is more t han one word, google will prefer this more.

I can think of another couple of reasons, but what do you think i did miss mentioning here? Share your comments with us.