What is Web Hosting?

Jan 6, 2019
What is Web Hosting?

You just moved into a new city, and you are planning to open your shop there. The first thing you need to start looking for is a place, this is where your clients will come to you to buy your products, where you store your products and where you spend your day right? This is your web hosting in the easiest explanation I can give. But let me explain it more with a couple of more related details.

What is Web Hosting?

The easiest way to explain it in my opinion is by saying it’s the hard drive that you are storing your website files on. But let’s go a bit deeper in explantation, web hosting providers (or service providers) are the companies that share their Data Center Storage for users like me and you all over the world in order for us to upload our websites information, images, files and other sort of data. They definitely charge you for that but they give on top of the physical storage the support and the continuance technology upgrades.
There is 2 main numbers you need to check when you are getting your web hosting, the disk space or the quota which is the max file size you can upload to your website, and the bandwidth which is how much your server allows you to upload and download files to your website (every time you open your website you are downloading).
Oh yes one last point, it’s a necessary to have it in order to have a website.

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Features you should expect in your web hosting

You took your decision and went to this hosting provider, and about to click add to shopping cart, make sure you looked at these points and ok with it:

Email Accounts

most if not all web hosting providers will give the email service by default, the difference between them will be the number of emails your selected package a and the quota allowance for each email.
if you have an open budget and you are expecting a lot of emails with large attachments, go with packages that say unlimited emails and unlimited quota.

FTP Access

For web developers or any person interested in uploading large files or a large number of files having an FTP account is important. having 1 FTP account for your package is good, having more is even better. make sure you have one.

WordPress Support

WordPress is one of the most famous and most used CMS on the internet, having it supported on your hosting package is very important for a lot of website owners, and developers as well.

Major Types of Web Hosting

there are many types but we'll mention the major ones

  • Shared Web Hosting: Numerous sites are hosted on the same server
  • Reseller Hosting: Clients are allowed to be Web hosts themselves.
  • Dedicated Hosting: The client/user gains full control of the server, but often does not actually own the hardware.
  • Cloud Hosting: is having a cluster of a server.

You can read more about Web Hosting VS Could Hosting here

How to pick a Web Host

Many reasons can be included in this list but we'll mention the top 5 in our opinion

1. Uptime

Most likely you have the same request that all website owners, 100% uptime. it's not really 100% possible but you can expect from some service providers a 99.9%. before you go with the selected service provider, check their uptime history and the reviews of other clients.

2. Bandwidth Allowance

if your site has heavy files like video and audio or some type of heavy download request, you need to consider the bandwidth as one of the most important things for your website. you don't want it to show the bandwidth limited screen by the end of the month. make sure you select the correct package for your website content.

3. Upgrade Options

after starting your online business and using your website you'll definitely find out things that you didn't know, expect or need it at the beginning of your work. make sure that the ability to upgrade your hosting package is there, more quota, more bandwidth or more emails all are things you may need, the more flexibility you get the better your provider is.

4. Control Panel

Control Panel is your visual control for the website and the hosting. having a stable and easy to use control panel is important for you as an owner and developer.
We prefer "CPanel" as one of the most recognized, stable and easy to use control panels all over the internet.

5. Cost

No money, no honey right! well, your budget will change a lot your choices and available options. the good thing that in web hosting you can find hundreds of options starting from Free up to the most expensive ones. select a package that you can afford for the first year and don't forget to double check the price in the second year, sometimes it can go up to the double.

I can think of another couple of reasons, but what do you think I did miss mentioning here? Share your comments with us on our social media pages or using our Contact us