What is the difference between hosting and domains?

Jan 14, 2019
What is the difference between hosting and domains?

Throughout the last 10 years of work in the field of web development, so many questions came to me, i do hope that i did answer them properly. Still one of those questions was so common to the point that almost one out of every three client it was the confusion between Web Hosting and the Domain name! So today i want to answer it for good, this going to be really needed for anyone completely new to internet, still trying to figure things out and want to build his first online business.

What is the Domain Name?

In short, your domain is the words we write in the URL bar that represent your online business name.
Allow me to explain more, internet refer to things using numeric system called IP, usually it looks like this (, although this system is doing great till now with computers, but it’s not really nice to remember this ( instead of (google.com).

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What is Web Hosting?

Let’s assume that your online store is a real physical store, your domain is the mail address that people use to reach your location, and the place where you store your items, and goods is your Web hosting.
So your hosting will contain your website images, code files and any other type of files you may need.
Uses will type the domain name in the URL, it will be translated to the IP address which will point to your hosting, and your hosting in it’s tern will return the needed / requested files to user browser.
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Do i need both of them to start my online business?

Short answer, Yes, you need both domain and hosting to start your online business.
As the domain will be the address of your website and the hosting will be your storage to upload your web files that your website users want to see and need to get.
When you get both you are ready to go with your online business.

Do i have to buy bothe from the same provider?

Again short answer, No. Although we never recommend it because it will need more coordination and attention and a little bit of technical steps to set it up but it is doable.
You go to your favorit domain name provider, register your domain, move to the hosting provider get the suitable package to start your business on and (here is the tech part) go back to your domain, find the page where you change (DNS), update it to your hosting DNS and you are ready to go.

Can i move my Domain and Hosting to another provider after registering?

Now that you know what to do if you want to get your host and domain from 2 different providers. What if you need to move your domain and hosting to be under the same provider? Well good for you it’s not hard at all.
Let’s say that you need to move your domain to your hosting provider, in general it’s couple of steps, you request the domain from the new provider, approve the request by clicking a link that you’ll get on your email, sometimes it include authentication step and there you go. This process will cost you 1 year renewal usually.
In hosting case you register new hosting on the new host provider, get your website fully backed up, upload your files to it, and change your domain DNS.
We don’t recommend for anyone to transfer his domain before 45 days of registration pass by because it may cost 1 year cost to be lost. In the same sense, stay at your hosting till your year is almost done and then move this will reduce the loss to the minimum.

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