What is Domain Name?

Oct 28, 2018
What is Domain Name?

Let’s say you need to reach to your friend’s pizza shop, what do you do? Most of us today open his favorite map app on his mobile and type down the name of the shop, right? The result is a physical place with a very much longer address more that (My Local Pizza).

So (My Local Pizza) is your domain name and the longer address that you see is what we call the IP address.
Domain names is more like nike names to IP address as it’s really easier to memorize.

What is IPs in this sense?

Well IP address is a numeric sequence that direct your request to the correct location on the internet to get the correct results.
A typical IP address will look like while your domain name should look more friendly wordy version like www.theblacklily.com

It’s organized from right to left by the way !

To clear it out domains is splitted into 3 main sections

  • The top level domain (.com)
  • The subdomain (.theblacklily.)
  • Sub domain prefix for world wide web (www)

Sometimes the subdomain section is more than one section for example .blog.theblacklily.
And in other times the top level domain section will have more than one section such as .com.qa or .com.my which will be referring to the country and this will be easy to figure out as it is using the official country initials.

Is Domain and URL the same?

No. Actually your domain name is an essential part of your URL. The URL is usually more detailed to where users is going, meaning which folder, page and data he / she will be getting on the browser when requesting it.
For example:

  • http://www.theblacklily.com/blog/artical1.html will result in blog 1 page.
  • http://www.theblacklily.com/blog/ will result in website blogs page.
  • http://www.theblacklily.com/banner.jpg will show the banner image.

Common issues you may face in your domain :

  • Incorrect typing:
  • You may type a domain name with a missing letter or different top level domain which will lead you to an error message or different website.

  • DNS server issues:
  • Sometimes you move your domain from one server to another and in this case the DNS (Domain Name Server) will take time to link again or you a mistake will happen in linking it and in this case you will get an error message also.

  • Website is down:
  • Well this is a #Hosting server issues which is not a domain issue so you can't do anything about it.

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