What is Asana?

Feb 8, 2019
What is Asana?

In 2015 I was working as the Key Account manager in a nice IT company in Qatar, our manager came to the office and told us "We got this big project and we need something better than just emails, we are forgetting the emails when a couple of days pass and issue (of a particular email) is not solved!". A couple of weeks before that I was visiting a friend in his new office and he told me "We moved everything now to Asana and it's doing miracles!". So I suggested it and it was approved in 15 minutes.
We delivered the project successfully and Asana was a good part of it. And I'm still using it till now.

What is Asana?

To start with it's NOT the Yoga position that. This can be confusing like it was for me and it may show on top of your head a big "!!!" when you search using only the word "Asana" for example on Udemy for training and you get all the Yoga stuff.
You can figure out a bit about it from the first paragraph of this blog, it's something related to work, projects, and being a boss ... So, in brief, I would say it's one of the easiest collaboration tools I used to manage team projects and tasks. it's very quick to start with, need basic internet skills, it's a tool that can go with your flow.

What is collaboration tools?

This is a term I just used in the last paragraph, and you may have a question or two about it, so here it is.
The simplest explanation, it's a tool that will help people to collaborate. This is too generic I know, let me put it in a situational example for you it will be clearer, let's say you are working on a software project, you have designers, developers, programmers, and management all need to be on the same page. sometimes the manager comes up with a new requirement, other times developers, programmers or designers can face a technical issue, a stopper or a holder!! Your collaboration tool will keep all of this organized and clear to all. Other scenarios can include people in deferent offices like clients and operations, or even in deferent cities or countries! The bigger the team and the more distributed they are the more you need a collaboration tool. not any collaboration tool, you need the right one for your needs.
This is why I suggest Asana.

How much it will cost me to be on Asana?

An email. In other words nothing. You can start with the free package, you and another 14 members of your team.
In Asana there are 4 packages:


It's free to use, as I just mentioned, it takes up to 15 users per team (We'll talk about teams in details later )


This account starts adding things that will make things look better and clearer, such as custom fields, timelines, and task dependencies. it will cost you $9.99 per user/month. Still, there is a small trick I'm sure you'll like it. if you are planning to go for a premium, and you have small staff add only 15 of them using the company email this will make the cost $6.99 per user per month.


I think it's more about higher level managers, in this package you'll get more control over reporting and custom fields.


Well the name explains it all, you can customize it to your brand, you'll get cross-regional backups, a service accounts for better communication with service people.

you may still have a couple of questions about the pricing, so for that, I'd suggest for you to visit Asana Pricing page

Why to use Asana?

Many features that are available in all other collaboration tools you'll find it in Asana, but I'm not going to do any comparisons between Asana and other tools or even go through feature lists. What I'll tell you about is the generic reasons, so in this case, you can say why to use Asana or other tools that can be described as a collaboration tool.

collaboration effect

It's a collaboration tool so the, lest you can expect, is a boost up for your team collaboration. The ability to add people to your organization account, assign tasks to them and specify deadlines ask people to follow on a specific task or a full project. If this could not add something to your collaboration then the ability to share comments, like the results and start chats on a certain topic, or project.

Management effect

If you are not using Asana till now (or any other collaboration tool) so most probably you are sharing tasks with the team using emails, Excel sheets and/or word files. This will and is causing a lot of work, rework and a lot of lost tasks along the way. By using Asana you can check when tasks were created, assigned and closed. You also have the ability to follow up on tasks to make some comments along the way.

work effect

By using Asana, you stop wasting time and energy on searching for your boss email, email chain, and attachments! Tasks can be prioritized by dragging them and dropping them in a deferent list (eg. in progress, done and UAT) or higher in the task list view. Also, you can group your tasks in one project or even give a list of tasks the same Tag to group them in one view when you need to do so.

To conclude, in my opinion having a collaboration tool for your work is a need today's business lifestyle. Having Asana is one step ahead

What is the collaboration tool that you are using today? Why do you think business people need to have a collaboration tool? Contact Us with your answers or comment on our posts on social media.

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