Top 5 Reasons why to fix your website SEO?

Mar 2, 2019
Top 5 Reasons why to fix your website SEO?

By now I'm sure that most of the website owners know a lot about SEO, or maybe they know only what it stands for, at least they heard the term!
But just in case, SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and in short it's the adjustments that you do to your web pages and web pages content along with the tactics that you do all over the internet to make sure that your website will be seen more often and on top of the search results on specific word or phrase.

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So what are the top 5 reasons you may wonder that we think it's the most important for you, my favorite is the 3ed one.

1. Build your brand:

Let's say that you are searching for something, "Pizza" for example, what is the first result you get? in my case 1st was "Pizza Hut" and the 2nd was "Dominos" nothing I didn't expect actually, for me both well-known names. But is the real indicator what if your Pizza shop name was the 3rd? I would say it must be a big, well known, international brand to be next after those guys!
A good SEO will help you score this idea in the mind of searchers. When you show in the 2nd or 3rd page in search results, your brand image will most probably be "this is a new brand", "this is a small local thing" or even worst "this is not a high-quality brand" you don't want that.

2. You are not paying for ads here:

Think of the old days. You need to put your name in the newspaper or the magazines to get the people attending, and if you have maybe a bigger budget you may go to a radio or TV ads.
This approach has 2 major issues, you are paying a lot to show for a limited number of people in a very limited time, a day in the newspaper case, a week or a month in it's best in the magazine case and for 30 seconds up to a couple of minutes max.
Fixing your website SEO will help you avoid these issues, your link will be there as long as it's on your website for everyone searching for you, your services, or one of your keywords.

3. Higher chances of deal closing rates:

The target of having an online store is to go from search to website, check a product, add it to cart and move to check out.
So let's say you have a glasses online store, and you are using a keyword like "best medical glasses frames" as one of your key phrases. Your chances are higher to get the order completed for one of your medical glasses frame are way better than the case having the word "best glasses" a lot of people will be searching for "cups" and they will bounce Back as soon as they figure out that your "glasses" are not the one that they can drink with, it's the one that you wear.

4. Ranking on local searches increases visits and sales:

It was the end of a long working day, and I was in the mode for a hot and spicy pepperoni pizza, opened a new tab in my browser and searched "Pizza near me". In no time Google did the magic and came back to me with the tasty results you have a shop in 500 m and another one in 350m the funny part was the first result was not the nearest, nor the more known for me! it was Tino's Pizza Cafe!! Not Dominos which was the 2nd result!!
According to Google, 50% of consumers who performed a local search on a mobile device visited a store on that same day and leads to higher sales, 18% higher to be more specific and this is within the same day of the search.

Try to use our SEO in 30 days task list to fix your website.

5. More traffic for better-optimized websites:

No need to explain more, the title is saying it all. Anyway, I left this to the last not that it's the least important but actually cause it's the most obvious. Still, one point to lifesize on, why do we search for better ranking and more traffic online for our websites? Well, this is very much related to point number 3, more people reach your website/page, the more chances you have to get an order.
Let's say that you get 5-10% of the visitors to buy one of your products, and you are getting 1000 visits per month, that is 50-100 sales. What if you fixed your SEO to the point you start getting 10K - 20K visits? Yap your sales should go up to 500-2000 sales.

In the end, 1 last tip, "Be patient". Fixing SEO will take time to give results.
Which of the reasons you think is the most important? Let us know by commenting on our social media or Contact Us.