Asana Free or Payed, When and Why?

Oct 21, 2018
What is Domain Name?

One day my manager walked in the office after he got the news that a major project will be done by us (we won the tendering stage) and asked who have an idea how to manage our work in an organized way to avoid lost emails, i was introduced to Asana couple a days before and based on that i did pass him (my manager) the link and told him i think this will do the job!
He was not really convinced (maybe because i was not really confident about it YET), not a long time passed after he went to his office, he came out saying “Asana will be our task management system officially from now on” and so it be, the good news we delivered the project on time with ZERO delay.

But was Asana the perfect choice for us? Is it for you? What is the options that i would recommend today after 3 years of using it ?

Asana Account Types

To start with it, Asana have 3 categories for business accounts in brief they are (Free, Premium, Enterprise) level.
There is some differences if you compare those types bellow is the table of features of each account:

  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations

  • Up to 15 team members

  • Basic search

  • Everything in Free

  • Timeline

  • No team member limit

  • Advanced search & reporting

  • Custom fields

  • Task dependencies

  • Comment-only projects

  • Private teams and projects

  • Start dates

  • Admin controls

  • Customer success webinars

  • Priority support

  • Google SSO

  • Everything in Premium

  • Manage team members with advanced admin controls like service accounts and SAML

  • Get specialized help from our customer success team, plus same day support to ensure you’re successful with Asana

  • Maintain strict control over your data and security with user provisioning and deprovisioning, data deletion, and cross-regional backups

  • Put your logo front and center. With custom branding, you’re able to customize Asana with your own logo

  • Get early access to Portfolios to help track the status of important projects

These are the features but what is the difference in pricing?

Well it’s very clear that the first business category is free, sign in with your company email or personal email (gmail for example) and start using it. Invite your team members (up to 15 users) and enjoy the organization.

The second class is my personal favourite the Premium, it will cost you $9.99 per member per month if you go for the annual and it will go up to $11.99.

The good thing about the Premium account is if you have a team with less than 15 members your fees will be even less, you need to pay only $6.99 per member per month if you go for the annual and a bit more expensive on the monthly wich in this case $7.50

The third category is more like major company style with multiple offices in multiple countries, if you are looking for more administrative, quick support from Asana team and an early access for the portfolio on top of all the Premium features you definitely need to go for Enterprise for that you need to pay $30 per member per month

So what if you are not yet in the business and more like a college student?

Well Asana did take this in consideration, and offer the students a free trial on the premium account for 6 months. Definitely there is some requirement that you need to fulfill such as:

  • You must be a student - users without a .edu email address are not eligible
  • You must already have an Asana account associated with your student email
  • You have a Workspace (Organizations are not eligible) that is named after your student group
  • You've invited more than 5 student teammates into the Workspace
  • You are using the Workspace for groups of 100 or less students
  • And you are not school faculty or administration

Lots of options, right ?! which one is the best for you and your team?

If you are just starting a new company, joining a new team or trying to organize your company work to more projectized work (for example), also if your team is 15 or less in number i definitely suggest to you the free accounts of Asana.
This way you’ll be learning more about how to use the tool by using all the major and main features your team will learn how to collaborate using it and how to leave emails, whatsapp messaging and jumping from disk to disk to pass information.
This way when your team get bigger or you feel more confident you’ll move to the next level knowing exactly what you are looking for.

On the second hand when you are already familiar with Asana features, a project manager that is looking for a cloud project management tool, a scrum master or any type of team leader, Premium account is your solution, this way you can link all your team together even if they are more than 15 users, you can use this great new feature of Timeline, manage dependencies, setup your customized fields and other important features that will make your work alongside your team and even your customers way easier.

Lastly the case of international teams, Enterprise level team, well what can i say it’s for enterprise people (lol), definitely when you have teams that is not colocated you need more administrative features, more security levels and more reporting. This is what Asana Enterprise is for.

One thing that may cross your mind after getting your first Asana account, can i upgrade my account easily? And can i downgrade it easily?

It may look really a big thing, but in reality it’s not, it’s as easy as 1 2 3.
Login to your account, click the options (your profile image/initial letters), click u pgrade and do your payment. That’s it you're there. Now downgrading is even easier again go to your options, click on billing and click on cancel plan and there you go back to the free package.

But what if your team is more than 15 members? How to upgrade?

Well the first option, is you go with all your team upgrade them to premium account.
Or you can go with upgrading one of you teams, confusing isn’t it?! Let’s say you have 3 teams in your company sales, operation and development team all using Asana free accounts, and you need to get the extra features of the Premium account for your development team. You go and upgrade them and leave everyone else on the free account. Now you have the feature of adding unlimited guests to this team, projects under that team and tasks in any of this team members task list.

Who is the members and who is the guests and what is the difference between free accounts and Premium accounts?

Technically, everyone with your same organization domain is part of your members when you invite him to join the account. Everyone from your contractor, consultant or client team with any other domain name or Gmail, Ymail or outlook will be counted as guest.
If you and your team is on Asana free account, you are limited to 15 members (per team) including all the invited guests.
But if you upgraded your account to Premium account you’ll have unlimited guests in this case to be invited to in your team.

At the end i think Asana is for you regardless which business you are, how big is your company or team, and how complicated is your business model. All you need to do is just use the right feature that you need at the right time.